Ticket sales for the UCONNIC Music Festival end on Friday, April 8th at 4pm. All tickets sold on Friday, April 8th will need to be picked up at the Gampel Will Call, which opens at 6pm.

UCONNIC Ticket Purchasing Policies

  • Tickets must be purchased in advance and will be sold on a first-come, first-serve basis to all UConn undergraduate students.
  • Credit and debit cards are the only accepted forms of payment.
  • There is a four ticket purchase maximum on all transactions. Tickets must be purchased by UConn undergraduate students and are for the exclusive use of UConn undergraduate students only; no guests or general public admission.
  • IMPORTANT: Following a successful purchase of UCONNIC tickets, the UConn undergraduate student who purchased the tickets will receive a confirmation email. You will not receive electronic tickets after making the purchase, only a confirmation email. In this confirmation email, there will be detailed instructions on how you will need to exchange your confirmation email for your physical UCONNIC tickets. Ticket exchanges will occur in the Student Union in early April. SUBOG will also communicate information about the ticket exchange process directly to those who buy tickets by email.
  • UConn undergraduate students will be required to present a valid UConn ID when entering Gampel Pavilion, no exceptions. Tickets are for UConn undergraduate students only; no guests or general public admission.
  • Participants must follow the Student Code of Conduct and any other local, state, and federal policies at all times.  
  • For accommodations to participate in the UCONNIC experience, please submit the request to SUBOG and/or the Student Activities – Major Events & Programs office at least 5 business days prior to UCONNIC.
  • All sales are final – there will be no refunds or exchanges.

For assistance purchasing UCONNIC Tickets or questions about the event, contact one of the offices below:
Student Union Board of Governors (SUBOG)
TEL: 860-486-3904
Email: subog@uconn.edu

Student Activities – Major Events & Programs Office
TEL: 860-486-3423
Email: programs@uconn.edu
Hours: Monday – Friday from 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.

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